Analysis and Design of Plated Structures Volume 1: Stability

N. E. Shanmugam, C. M. Wang ... 498 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; (July, 2006) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0849395453 - ISBN-13: 978-0849395451 ...

Written by an international team of contributors and under the aegis of distinguished editors, Analysis and Design of Plated Structures: Volume 1: Stability reviews the wealth of research in this important area and its implications for design, safety, and maintenance. The book considers the various types of buckling that plated structures are likely to encounter and reviews buckling in a range of materials, from steel to various types of composites. The chapter authors discuss the behavior of differing type of components used in steel plated structures. These components include steel members and columns as well as curved, stiffened, corrugated, laminated, and other types of plate design.

Analysis and Design of Plated Structures Volume 1: Stability, N. E. Shanmugam, C. M. Wang

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