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Meshfree Methods: Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method

G. R. Liu ... 792 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; 2nd edition (October, 2009) ...
Language: English - ISBN-10: 1420082094 - ISBN-13: 978-1420082098 ...

Reflecting the significant advances made in the field since the publication of its predecessor, Meshfree Methods: Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method, Second Edition systematically covers the most widely used meshfree methods. With 70% new material, this edition addresses important new developments, especially on essential theoretical issues.

New to the Second Edition: Much more details on fundamental concepts and important theories for numerical methods. Discussions on special properties of meshfree methods, including stability, convergence, accurate, efficiency, and bound property. More detailed discussion on error estimation and adaptive analysis using meshfree methods. Developments on combined meshfree/finite element method (FEM) models. Comparison studies using meshfree and FEM. Drawing on the author’s own research, this book provides a single-source guide to meshfree techniques and theories that can effectively handle a variety of complex engineering problems. It analyzes how the methods work, explains how to use and develop the methods, and explores the problems associated with meshfree methods.

Meshfree Methods: Moving Beyond the Finite Element Method, G. R. Liu

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