Essential Guide to Technical Product Specification

Neil Phelps, Colin H. Simmons ... 
140 pages - Publisher: BSI Standards; (May 30, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0580626733 - ISBN-13: 978-0580626739

This book has been produced as a companion to BS 8888, Technical product specification - Specification, which is the definitive standard for technical product realisation. It offers straightforward guidance, together with pictorial representations, to all practitioners of technical product specification, providing the necessary tools to enable engineers engaged in design specification, manufacturing, and verification with the essential basic information required for specifying a product or component. As BS 8888 is being increasingly adopted in major sectors, particularly in defence contracts, so the need to use BS 8888 becomes more pressing. This publication presents up-to-date information on the technical drawing aspects of BS 8888, in a manner similar to the presentation in the old BS 308, and will help users trained in BS 308 to adapt to the new standards. It includes comprehensive sections extracted from and referenced to international standards relating to linear, geometric and surface texture dimensioning and tolerancing, together with the practice of welding symbology, limits and fits, and thread data. It also includes an illustrated index to all standards referenced in BS 8888.

Essential Guide to Technical Product Specification, Neil Phelps, Colin H. Simmons

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