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Stresses and Displacements for Shallow Foundations

D. Milovic ... 
636 pages
Publisher: Elsevier Science Ltd.; (May 1992)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0444883495
ISBN-13: 978-0444883490

This monograph presents the results of the theoretical analyses of stresses and displacements for shallow foundations subjected to various types of loads. In these analyses not only the classical models but more complex models of soils have been used, such as two-layer half-space, homogenous compressible layer of finite thickness, two-layer compressible layer of finite thickness, anisotropic compressible layer. Contact stresses, settlements, vertical stress distribution, bending moments and shear forces have been determined for foundations of any rigidity. Numerous values of the dimensionless coefficients "I" are tabulated, which can be of use in the solution of practical engineering problems.

Stresses and Displacements for Shallow Foundations, D. Milovic

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