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Durability of Concrete and Cement Composites

Chris L. Page, M. M. Page ... 416 pages - Publisher: Woodhead Publishing; 1st edition (July, 2007) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 1855739402 - ISBN-13: 978-1855739406 ...

Whilst most structures made using concrete and cement-based composites have not shown signs of premature degradation, there have been notable exceptions. In addition, there is increasing pressure for new structures to remain in serviceable condition for long periods with only minimal maintenance before being recycled. All these factors have highlighted the issues of what affects the durability of these materials in different circumstances and how material properties can be measured and improved. Durability of concrete and cement composites summarises key research on these important topics. After an introductory chapter, the book reviews the pore structure and chemistry of cement-based materials, providing the foundation for understanding the particular aspects of degradation which are discussed in the following chapters. These include dimensional stability and cracking processes, chemical and microbiological degradation of concrete, corrosion of reinforcing and prestressing steels, deterioration associated with certain aggregates, effects of frost and problems involving fibre-reinforced and polymer-cement composites.

With its distinguished international team of contributors, Durability of concrete and cement composites is a standard reference for all those concerned with improving the service life of structures using these materials. Analyses a range of materials such as reinforced steel in concrete, pre-stressed concrete and cement composites + Discusses key degradation phenomena such as cracking processes and the impact of cold weather conditions + A standard reference for those concerned with improving the service life of structures using concrete and cement based composites.

Durability of Concrete and Cement Composites, Chris L. Page, M. M. Page

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