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ACI 543R-12: Guide To Design, Manufacture and Installation of Concrete Piles

American Concrete Institute (ACI) ...
68 pages
Publisher: American Concrete Institute; (2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0870317598
ISBN-13: 978-0870317590

This report presents recommendations to assist the design architect/engineer, manufacturer, construction engineer, and contractor in the design, manufacture, and installation of most types of concrete piles.

Chapter 1-Introduction 1.1-General 1.2-Types of piles 1.3-Design considerations Chapter 2-Notation and definitions 2.1-Notation 2.2-Definitions Chapter 3-Geotechnical design considerations 3.1-General 3.2-Subsurface conditions 3.3-Bearing capacity of individual piles 3.4-Settlement 3.5-Group action in compression 3.6-Pile spacing 3.7-Lateral support 3.8-Batter piles 3.9-Axial load distribution 3.10-Long-term performance 3.11-Lateral capacity 3.12-Uplift capacity Chapter 4-Structural design considerations 4.1-General 4.2-Loads and stresses to be resisted 4.3-Structural strength design and allowable service capacities 4.4-Installation and service conditions affecting design 4.5-Other design and specification considerations Chapter 5-Seismic design and detailing considerations 5.1-Introduction 5.2-General seismic impacts on pile behavior 5.3-Seismic pile behavior 5.4-Geotechnical and structural design considerations 5.5-Seismic detailing of concrete piles 5.6-Vertical accelerations Chapter 6-Materials 6.1-Concrete 6.2-Grout 6.3-Reinforcement and prestressing materials 6.4-Steel casing 6.5-Structural steel cores and stubs 6.6-Splices Chapter 7-Manufacture of precast concrete piles 7.1-General 7.2-Forms 7.3-Placement of steel reinforcement 7.4-Embedded items 7.5-Mixing, transporting, placing, and curing concrete 7.6-Pile manufacturing 7.7-Handling and storage Chapter 8-Installation of concrete piles Chapter 9-References

ACI 543R-12 Guide To Design, Manufacture and Installation of Concrete Piles, American Concrete Institute (ACI)

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