Self-Compacting Concrete

Geert De Schutter, Peter J. M. Bartos ... 288 pages - Publisher: Whittles Publishing; (June, 2008) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 1420068334 - ISBN-13: 978-1420068337.

During the last decade, concrete technology has made an enormous advance through the introduction of self-compacting concrete. This book defines the key properties that make fresh concrete self-compacting and outlines test methods for its assessment. It covers the basic principles and underlying scientific theory, practical advice for production of SCC and its use in construction practice. It reviews all stages of the self-compacting concrete construction process are, from selection of materials, mix design and mixing process to transport, placing and finishing. The range of benefits offered goes beyond fundamental aspects of concrete quality and productivity; it includes a major improvement in the health and safety of workers.

Self-Compacting Concrete, Geert De Schutter, Peter J. M. Bartos

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