Metal Building Systems: Design and Specifications

Alexander Newman ... 576 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 2nd edition (November, 2003) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0071402012 - ISBN-13: 978-0071402019 ...

Don't Take the Manufacturer's Word for It!: Everybody knows about pre-engineered buildings - they now account for almost 70 percent of all new low-rise construction in the United States. But few architects, engineers, or buyers know enough about them. This completely revised and updated reference - the only one from an author unaffiliated with an industry trade group - offers valuable and unbiased information that can save you money and time - and that may even save your building! Full of essential features, tips, and advice, this new Second Edition includes nearly twice the amount of material and illustrations that was in the first edition.It: goes beyond manufacturer-supplied information in pinpointing potential design pitfalls; points out specific recurring problems of metal building systems and explains how failures can occur; updates recent changes in the building codes and the MBMA manual; offers practical information on the design of cold-formed purlins and girts, exposing questionable methods used by some manufacturers; includes greatly expanded coverage of purlin bracing; supplies a wealth of hard-to-find information on selecting and specifying walls (including problems with specific wall systems); explains critical considerations for MBS foundations not covered in manufacturers' specifications; includes several new design examples dealing with selection of primary framing, preliminary design of purlins, girts, and eave struts, design of moment-resisting building foundations, plus a comprehensive case study of additions to existing buildings. This title also: lays out new information on renovation of primary frames, secondary members, roofing, and walls; adds a wealth of information on metal roofing including best-practice design details; supplies new end-of-chapter review questions; and, provides roof-to-foundation understanding of all metal building design tasks involved in specifying or evaluating metal building systems. Plus, this book gives you sample specifications that protect the buyer, help with avoiding construction problems, sources of additional useful information, renovation tips, and a look at leading-edge industry trends. This is the one book that is a must-have for any professional involved with pre-engineered buildings.

Metal Building Systems: Design and Specifications, Alexander Newman

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