Introductory Geotechnical Engineering: An Environmental Perspective

Hsai-Yang Fang, John L. Daniels ... 576 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; (June, 2006) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0415304024 - ISBN-13: 978-0415304023 ... 

Integrating and blending traditional theory with particle-energy-field theory, this book provides a framework for the analysis of soil behaviour under varied environmental conditions. This book explains the why and how of geotechnical engineering in an environmental context. Using both SI and Imperial units, the authors cover: * rock mechanics * soil mechanics and hydrogeology  *soil properties and classifications and issues relating to contaminated land. Students of civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering and practitioners unfamiliar with the particle-energy-field concept, will find that this book's novel approach helps to clarify the complex theory behind geotechnics.

Introductory Geotechnical Engineering: An Environmental Perspective, Hsai-Yang Fang, John L. Daniels

... Civil Engineering [Coastal, Waterway & Ocean Engineering - Construction Engineering - Dams & Hydraulic Engineering - Earthquake Engineering-Geotechnical Engineering - Structural Engineering - Transportation Engineering etc.]

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