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Structural Elements Design Manual

Trevor Draycott, Peter Bullman ... 246 pages - Publisher: Routledge; 2nd edition
Language: English  - ISBN-10: 0434904686 - ISBN-13: 978-0434904686

Structural Elements Design Manual: Working With Eurocodes is the structural engineers 'companion volume' to the four Eurocodes on the structural use of timber, concrete, masonry and steelwork. For the student at higher technician or first degree level it provides a single source of information on the behaviour and practical design of the main elements of the building structure. With plenty of worked examples and diagrams, it is a useful textbook not only for students of structural and civil engineering, but also for those on courses in related subjects such as architecture, building and surveying whose studies include the design of structural elements.

Comply with the structural design Eurocodes + Covers the main elements of the building structure (timber, concrete, masonry and steelwork) in a concise, methodical format + Uses practical worked examples and calculations to aid understanding.

Structural Elements Design Manual, Trevor Draycott, Peter Bullman

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