Steel Designers' Handbook 7th Edition

Branko Edward Gorenc, Ronald Tinyou, Arun Syam ... 413 pages - Publisher: Univ. of New South Wales Press; 7th edition (September, 2005) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0868405736 - ISBN-13: 978-0868405735.

The seventh edition of Steel Designers' Handbook text is fully revised and covers the extensive revision of the 'loading code', which is renamed as structural Design Actions Standard, General Principals. AS/ANZ 1170.0 and its companion parts, 1170.1 to 1170.3. The volume of revisions and new terminology necessitated the first three chapters to be substantially rewritten. This edition is based on AS 4100: 1998, which incorporates revisions to the original 1990 edition.

Branko Edward Gorenc, Ronald Tinyou, Arun Syam, Steel Designers' Handbook 7th Edition

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