Simplified Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Mahmoud E. Kamara, Lawrence C. Novak ... 330 pages - Publisher: Portland Cement Association; 4th edition (2011) ... Language: English - ASIN: B006XG24VI by Amazon Digital Services ...

This new, fourth edition presents practicing engineers with timesaving analysis, design, and detailing methods of primary framing members of a reinforced concrete building. Revised and updated to ACI 318-11, it incorporates seismic and wind load provisions to comply with the International Building Code (2009 IBC). All equations, design aids, graphs, and code requirements have been updated to the current codes. Expanded illustrations of the theory and fundamentals and new timesaving design aids were added to include a wider range of concrete strengths. Also contains a new chapter on sustainable design.

Simplified Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings, Mahmoud E. Kamara, Lawrence C. Novak

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