Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

Robert W. Day ... 528 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 2nd edition .... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0071761330 - ISBN-13: 978-0071761338 ... 

Fully revised and packed with current case studies, Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Second Edition provides a step-by-step approach to conducting a professional forensic geotechnical and foundation investigation. This authoritative resource explains how to: Investigate damage, deterioration, and collapse in a structure + Determine what caused the damage + Develop repair recommendations + Diagnose cracks + Prepare files and reports + Avoid civil liability Helpful charts and photographs aid in your understanding of the material covered. With expert advice on all aspects of the process--from accepting the assignment to delivering compelling testimony--this is a practical, all-in-one guide to geotechnical and foundation investigations in forensic engineering. Explains how to investigate damage due to: Settlement of structures, Expansive soil, Lateral Movement, Earthquakes, Erosion, Deterioration, Bearing Capacity Failures, Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Foundations, Timber Decay, Soluble Soil, Groundwater and Moisture Problems and Other Causes.

Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering 2nd Edition, Robert W. Day

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