IES VisualShearWall v3.00.0002 [Size: 20 MB] ... What Will VisualShearWall do for you?: Analysis of shear wall systems: rigid and semi-rigid diaphragms. With a program dedicated to this task your job is made easier. Integrates with IES VisualAnalysis.

Why use VisualShearWall? You have a number of choices in the marketplace, for shear wall modeling--even among IES tools! 

VisualShearWall shines in a number of areas: Dedicated to shear wall systems + Automated modeling--the FEA model is built and refined automatically + Rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible diaphragms + Design walls in QuickConcreteWall or QuickMasonry

New Version: IES released version 3.0 of VisualShearWall in May 2015 with new features to make this product much faster, more accurate and more practical for managing your shear wall projects.

Rigid and SemiRigid Shear Wall Systems: Analysis of complex arrangements of shear walls with an advanced finite element solution.

Isolated Wall Shear Wall Systems: For modeling flexible diaphragms, you can enter specifc loads on each wall and manage the whole floor system in a single project.

Export Results for Design Checks: You can export wall results from VisualShearWall into either QuickConcreteWall or QuickMasonry for detailed design checks and detailing.

Major Benefits and Abilities: Model and Analyze Rigid and Semi-Rigid Wall Systems + Flexible Diaphragm Modeling: You apply forces to each wall. + Wood, Steel, Masonry, and Concrete + Any diaphragm configuration/shear wall orientation + Shear wall and diaphragm openings + Moment or Braced Frames + Single-story analysis of many walls. + Generate "Next Floor Down" project file from reactions at this level.

User Interface: Quick and easy 2D modeling (of a 3D system) + Draw in plan view or elevation + Easy placement of Drag Struts and Collectors + Project Manager and tabbed views provide easy data entry + Hot-keys for zooming and panning views + Polar coordinate system for laying out circular plan view items + Easy commands in a 'ribbon' toolbar + More flexible drawing grid

Loads and Load Combinations: Model Line loads, Point loads, and Wall Loads + IBC/ASCE 7 Seismic Load Combinations + Customizable Building Code Combinations + Customizable Load Combinations + Custom Service Cases + Independant Wind & Seismic load cases for two directions + Skewed direction load cases are now available + Copy & Paste Diaphgram Loads

Analysis: Multiple shear wall materials in one model + Automated FEA plate meshing + Summarized results for walls, drag struts, and collectors

Reporting: Preview the report before printing + Customize what items are included in the report + Print one-page graphic summaries + Center of Rigidity is reported + Filtering reports by load cases or combinations, or by walls + Total Resultant is displayed at top/bottom for walls with openings

Integration: Import & Export DXF files + Exports model to VisualAnalysis for more advanced work + Exports concrete wall results as loads for QuickConcreteWall shear wall design.