IES VisualAnalysis v12.00.0009 [Size: 13 MB] ... Why use VisualAnalysis?: You have choices in the marketplace for general-purpose FEA tools but VisualAnalysis shines in a number of areas: Excellent for everyday projects. + Great for unusual projects, and large, complicated models. + Three feature and price levels available: Compare Levels. + Building-code support is optional, use it for mechanical applications too. + Extremely versatile: model just about anything! + Reporting is extremely powerful and very flexible (save your own styles) + So easy to use, most customers are productive within hours of installing + Over 3000 companies use IES tools: one part-time support person at IES! (Think about it, our products don't need support!) What will VisualAnalysis do for You?: Model: just about anything + Load: Point, linear, area, thermal, dynamic + Analyze: reactions, displacements, forces and stresses + Design steel, concrete, wood, cold-formed, and aluminum + Report: Excellent graphics and text reporting features + Succeed! Easy to learn & use, Fantastic free resources & support. Three Levels Available: Just enough features to get your job done right. The free-trial is the 'Advanced level'. If you buy a lower-level you may upgrade to a higher level for the difference in price. Compare the 3 Levels. Compare with other IES Products. Analysis-only in 2D and 3D (no Design View window) * with Design: Adds code checks, member sizing ** Advanced with Design: Adds meshed-areas, nonlinear, time-history, and more..

Modeling: Frames, Trusses, Grids, Beams, Tanks... + Beam or Truss Members, Plate/Shell Elements + Elastic Spring Supports + Auto-meshed Areas (for easy wall or slab modeling) + Tension-only/Compression-only members or spring-supports + Cartesian, Polar, Cylindrical or Spherical Coordinates + No built-in size limit (20,000+ nodes are practical) + Typical Manufactured Shapes: Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Cold-formed + Parametric, Custom or Shapes imported from ShapeBuilder + Just about any Material, Libraries included, Customizable! + CAD-style selection box + Generate linear copies + Simple, Rigid, Semi-Rigid Connections + Catenary Cable Elements + Many Ways to Construct Models: Sketch models graphically + Copy & Paste existing objects + Import/Export .DXF files + Import from Spreadsheet/Clipboard + Legacy or Interchange .STD files (basic model & loading) + Customizable parametric generation. Loading: Automatic Load Cases & Load Combinations + Updated! Built-in Support for IBC 2012, IBC 2010, ASCE7-10, etc. Combinations + Customizable Load Combinations. + Semi-Automatic ASCE 7 Wind Loads (Method 2) + Ice + Wind pressure on Members (e.g. open towers) + AASHTO Load Sources (optional) + Copy Multiple Loads from Member to Member+ Import Loads from a Spreadsheet/Clipboard + Static Loads: Concentrated, Distributed, Pressure, Thermal, etc. + Area Loads (keeps model and loads separated so changes are easy!) + Area Edge Loads (in or out of plane) + Dynamic Response Spectra, IBC & Customizable + Dynamic Forcing Function, Time HIstory analysis + Moving Loads (limited, e.g. crane beams, single load-line) + Automatic live-load pattern load combinations + Import Load Combinations.  Analysis & Results: Static Analysis (1st order, P-Delta, Iterated) + AISC Direct Analysis (notional loads, stiffness reduction) + Dynamic Analysis (Sparse Lanzcos, Newmark) + Superposition Results and Envelopes + Member Internal Forces, Displacements, Diagrams + Plate Forces, Stress, Contour Diagrams + Edge Results + Automatic Mesh Refinement with Auto-Meshed Areas + Nodal Reactions, Displacements + Graphical Results Viewing + Sophisticated, Customizable Text Reports + Spreadsheet report, and save directly Excel XLS. Design Checks & Building Codes: Smart and flexible setup: bracing, deflection checks, size constraints + Updated! Steel AISC 360-10 or CSA S16-14 Design for frame and truss members + Updated! Concrete ACI 318-11 Design of Beams, Columns, Flat Slabs (ACI) + Updated! Wood NDS 2012 Design for frame and truss members (NDS) + Updated! Aluminum ADM 2010 Design for frame and truss members (ADM) + Updated! Cold-Formed NAS 2012 Design for frame and truss members (NAS) + RSG Software's CFS is used internally to perform these checks + Visual bracing locations + Steel seismic compactness checks + Stress & Deflection Checks (code agnostic, any material) + Integrated Steel Connection Design via VAConnect + Steel warping torsion checks + Override intermediate values or parameters (e.g. Cb, Fy, wood C factors...) + Moving Loads and Dynamic results are now checked.