SoilWorks 2013 v2.1 [Size: N/A MB] ... Geotechnical Solutions for Practical Design: It provides total solutions to geotechnical-structural problems related to the practical design of Tunnels, Slopes, Rock Slope with Stereo-Graphic Analysis, Soft Ground, Foundations, Excavations, Seepage and dynamic analysis. The user-friendly and practice-friendly work environment allows the geotechnical and structural engineers to produce highly reliable results in conjunction with rational design and high quality deliverables. Unlike commonly available existing software, SoilWorks provides the groundbreaking concept of modeling, analysis, compilation and presentation of results and report generation using the latest technology in software development for the practicing engineers. The engineers will benefit from being able to analyze various cases simultaneously, check design errors and escape from repetitive tasks in the design process.

7 SMART Automated Features for fast modeling, analysis and results extraction: Smart Modeling: CAD based Operating Environment - Smart Surface: Auto-generation of Surfaces for enclosed domains - Smart Mesh: Auto-generation of mesh - Smart Support: Auto-generation of boundary conditions - Smart Technical Review: Technical Review to prevent Analysis errors - Smart Analysis: Robust Parametric Analysis Capability and Data interface between Modules - Smart Results: Auto-generation of high quality reports. Modules: Foundation Module - Ground Module - Foundation Module - Slope Module - Rock Module - Soft Ground Module - Dynamic Module - Seepage Module. Project Applications: Tunnels with Temporary Structures - Subway Tunnel Construction with Adjacent Structures & Sewer Pipes - Reinforcement for Cut Slopes - Abutment Pile Foundation on Slopes - Stability of Piled Raft Foundation - Group Pile Behavior - Settlement in Soft Ground - Dams/Levees with Cut-off Wall.