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Integrated Engineering Software QuickSuite 2018 v5.0 [Size: 14 MB] ... QuickRWall is perhaps the best tool on the market for retaining wall design! It will get you out of the 'black box' and into high-quality wall design in short order. The reports are excellent with full equations and intermediate data readily available for complete checking. QuickRWall is very graphical, extremely easy to use, fast, and robust. This is one of our best-sellers. QuickFooting: Concrete spread footing (single column pad), imports from VisualAnalysis. Design and check reinforced concrete footings under a single column without building a complex analysis model of the building. A standalone tool of masonry components to manage multiple structural components within a single project file. The QuickMasonry "Project Management" tool offers the ability to design a whole series of lintels and walls, for a single building in one project file, following the latest masonry design specifications and offering a host of impressive features. QuickConcreteWall specializes in reinforced concrete shear walls and is an excellent tool for detailing a concrete wall subject to in-plane forces. Complex ACI interaction checks are done instantaneously as you tweak design parameters and view the results. Complete rebar detailing is provided in a productivity-quick format.

IES QuickRWall v3.00.0005 [Size: 5 MB] ... What will QuickRWall do for you?: Fast retaining wall design checks and detailing with excellent reporting. Why use QuickRWall?: QuickRWall is perhaps the best tool on the market for retaining wall design!  It will get you out of the 'black box' and into high-quality wall design in short order.  The reports are excellent with full equations and intermediate data readily available for complete checking.  QuickRWall is very graphical, extremely easy to use, fast, and robust.

Wall Configurations: Cantilever Retaining Walls - Gravity Retaining Walls (ACI Chapter 22) - Restrained Walls, Basement Walls, Propped Cantilevers - Tapered (Battered) or Stepped. Wall Materials: Concrete, Masonry, Mixed Concrete & Masonry. Key Benefits: Cantilever Retaining Walls - Gravity Retaining Walls (ACI Chapter 22 provisions) - Restrained Walls (e.g. Basement Wall, propped cantilever) - Wall stems may be concrete or masonry (or mixed) - Wall stems may be tapered (battered) or stepped - Design Checks for concrete or masonry - Wide variety of loading types. Building Code Support: IBC 2012, IBC 2009, IBC 2006, IBC 2003 - ACI 318-11, ACI 318-08, ACI 318-05 - MSJC 2008, MSJC 2005 - CSA A23.3: 2004, 1994 - ASCE 7-10, 7-05, 7-02 (Load Combinations) - AASHTO Earth Load Factors (optional) - Unreinforced stem (gravity wall) checked via unreinforced provisions of ACI Ch. 22 - Unreinforced heel/toe checked according to ACI Ch. 22 (e.g. very short heel/toe) - Custom load combination sets can be entered (rather than just a single combination) - Masonry load combinations are fully exposed & customizable - Stability load combination is customizable. Loads Inputs: Line/strip surcharge can be applied at a depth below backfill (e.g. for a buried footing) - At-rest earth pressure (frequently used for restrained walls) - Specify backfill depth from footing top or bottom (optional) - Specify the unit weight of the water in the backfill (so it need not be water).

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