LateralK v3.23.2012.1212, NovoBPT v1.0.2014.401, NovoCPT v3.32.2014.1209, NovoFormula v1.41.2013.1127, NovoLab v2.52.2015.816, NovoLiq v3.2.2014.910, NovoSPT v2.79.2014.1208, PEYSANJ v4.32.2014.515, VisLog v3.2.2015.126 [Size: 233 MB] ... LateralK is used to calculate lateral earth pressure. NovoBPT is designed for correcting raw BPT blow counts (Nb) and converting them to SPT blow counts (N60). NovoCPT program is designed for interpretation of cone penetration test data. NovoFORMULA is used to estimate unknown soil parameters based on known parameters. NovoLAB is the most comprehensive geotechnical software for lab data management and borehole log drafting. NovoLIQ software is designed for soil liquefaction analysis and supports variety of field tests. NovoSPT is a unique geotechnical software designed for correlating SPT blow counts (N) to various soil properties using 300 correlations. PEYSANJ is designed for bearing capacity and settlement analysis, earth pressure calculation, plate load test and pressure-meter test processing. Use VisLog to convert your borehole logs to a 3D, interactive model of subsurface soil layers without the hassle of using expensive and complex computer programs.