RSG Software: CFS Steel Design Tool

CFS v11.0.2 [Size: 5.9 MB] ... CFS is a comprehensive general-purpose cold-formed steel component design tool that performs calculations according to the AISI 2016 Edition of the North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members (S100-16), and the 2002 Edition of the ASCE Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel Structural Members (ASCE-8-02).

The Section Wizard makes it quick and easy to create the geometry for common shapes and the graphical interface allows you to create virtually any cold-formed steel shape, including closed shapes, built-up sections, and elements with holes. You may choose from a long list of predefined carbon and stainless steel materials, or customize the material properties as needed. Additionally, several libraries are provided for commonly available component shapes in the industry. Shape geometry can be output to a DXF file. The CFS Quick Design tool makes design checks for industry standard shapes very fast and easy. It will even optimize the section thickness, flange size, and yield stress to meet your design requirements. And if you need to investigate the design in more detail, simply create the full analysis problem with a single click. The Analysis Wizard assists in the creation of a variety of design problems such as beam-columns, continuous beams, and multi-span beams with laps. Analysis problems consist of members, supports, braces, loadings and load combinations. Transverse loads may be concentrated or distributed, and applied at any angle, thus producing biaxial bending. Axial loads may include eccentricities which induce additional moments. You can display and print diagrams for reactions, shears, moments, and deflection, including envelope diagrams for all load combinations.

RSG Software: CFS Steel Design Tool v11.0.2

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