Tableau Desktop Pro UpDated

Tableau Desktop Pro v2018.3.1 [Size: 374 MB] provides users with unique business intelligence capabilities. This software is one of the most powerful tools for processing and analyzing information, reporting and graphing. Tableau Desktop, based on Web analytics and dashboards, provides a powerful tool in the field of strategic management for administrators. One of the unique features of this software is the provision of BI applications on the iPad and Android (for easy access). To the dashboards at any time) as well as the ability to connect to the tableau server through the browser. The features of this software include high-speed, easy-to-use and user-friendly interfaces, smart dashboards, direct connectivity and sharing of dashboards in different environments, pre-reporting reporting based on exceptions, advance forecasting and analysis. , Extraction and transfer of data and so on. Features: Creating a basic map + Connecting to a data source + Installing and running Tableau + Creating a dashboard + Adding, duplicating, and renaming worksheets + Creating a workbook packed + Create a heat map + View the basic data of a workbook.

Tableau Desktop Pro v2018.3.1

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