EngiLab Beam 2D ProEdition

EngiLab Beam 2D 2015 ProEdition v2.2.5602 [Size: 67.1 MB] ... MODELING CAPABILITIES: Full compatibility with any consistent system of units (Metric, Imperial, etc) - No limitations on units + 3 Degrees Of Freedom (DOFs) per Node (X-, Y-Displacements, Z-Rotation) + Analysis of 1D Multi-span (continuous) Beams, 2D Frames, 2D Trusses + Built-in Section Properties Calculator for most standard sections + Any type of constraints (DX, DY, RZ) and Springs + Rotation releases (hinges) at start and/or end of Elements + Nodal Loads (FX, FY, MZ) + Uniform or Linear varying Loads along any Element + Body (Acceleration) Loads (e.g. Gravity - Self Weight). ANALYSIS RESULTS - CALCULATIONS: Node X-, Y-Displacements and Z-Rotation + Element End Forces (Axial Force, Shear Force, Bending Moment) + Support Reactions + Full analysis report in Rich Text Format (RTF) containing all the above results plus the six pictures (Model, N, V, M, Deformation and Free Body Diagram) + Full self-validation of the Analysis results (Sum of FX, FY Forces, Sum of Bending Moments should be all zero) + Global (Model) Equilibrium check + Individual Element Equilibrium check

EngiLab Beam 2D 2015 ProEdition v2.2.5602

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