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MathWorks MatLab R2018a [Size: 12.8 GB] ... MATLAB (abbreviation for “Matrix Laboratory”) is a software package for solving technical computing tasks and the programming language of the same name used in this package. Using MATLAB created by MathWorks, you can easily perform matrix calculations, visualize mathematical functions and experimental data, implement computational algorithms, design a graphical user interface for solving specific problems, and interact with other programming languages ​​and programs via special interfaces. MATLAB is a high-level language of technical calculations, an interactive environment for developing algorithms and a modern data analysis tool. MATLAB compared with traditional programming languages ​​(C / C ++, Java, Pascal, FORTRAN) allows to shorten the time for solving typical tasks by an order of magnitude and greatly simplifies the development of new algorithms. MATLAB is the foundation of the entire MathWorks family of products and is the main tool for solving a wide range of scientific and applied tasks in such areas as: object modeling and control system design, communication system design, signal and image processing, signal measurement and testing, financial modeling, computational biology, etc. Features: Performing complex mathematical calculations + Development environment for managing code, files and data + Discover ways to get the solution faster+ A variety of mathematical functions for linear algebra, statistics, Fourier analysis, optimization, filtering, numerical integration and + Draw two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphic functions for visualization of information + Design and build user interfaces in C ++, C or Java programming languages + Ability to test and measure accurate functions and charts + Ability to process communication signal, image and video + There are various toolboxes from engineering companies for specific applications such as telecommunication, control, fuzzy, estimation, statistics, data collection, system simulation, neural network, probabilities, etc.+ Computational biology.

MathWorks MatLab R2018a

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