The Big Bang Theory Season: 11

Leonard and Penny have gotten married... twice! Sheldon has not only experimented with cohabitation, but he's proposed to neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler. Meanwhile, there's still time for science, science-fiction and the comic book store, while Raj and Stuart help out Howard and Bernadette with new baby Halley. Prepare for comedy to enter the eleventh dimension!
E1. The Proposal Proposal: What did she say? Amy (MAYIM BIALIK) answers Sheldon's marriage proposal in the eleventh season premiere. Meanwhile, Howard & Bernadette struggle with some unexpected news.
E2. The Retraction Reaction: Leonard's job is at stake when he gives an embarrassing radio interview which angers the university and the entire physics community. NPR Host IRA FLATOW returns as himself.

The Big Bang Theory Season: 11

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