DICAD Strakon Premium 2017

DICAD Strakon Premium 2017 SP1.1 [Size: 840 MB x64 and 1.07 GB x86] ... STRAKON allows you to quickly and economically design structures of any kind. STRAKON gives you the advantage that you can save countless work steps, allowing you to draw quicker and more conveniently. Using the function... "Pointer Command" (mouse movements), only 50% of your previous work steps are necessary; "SmartClick" (click function), you can take over the properties of an already existing element and select the relevant function, whereby 90% fewer work steps are necessary; "Quickbox" provides fast access to components, symbols, details, additional programs, hatching, built-in parts and clipboard contents etc. Double-clicking allows you to immediately use the desired function with the predefined properties, thereby saving 90% of the previous work steps. Use the extensive correction options to allow you to complete your projects really quickly. The extensive symbol library for approvals planning and execution planning relieves you of countless work steps. A catalogue of predefined component designs (formwork and reinforcement) is part of the STRAKON standard package. It can be individually expanded, allowing you to adapt the drawing program to suit your needs.  Through Reference Views the amendments that you make in the starting drawing are immediately taken over into all sub-drawings. This enables you to maintain an overview even on very large projects and to automatically always keep the drawings up-to-date with the minimum of effort. The automatic layer assignment makes work easier for you because you can make recourse to an already existing structure as standard. STRAKON appeals to users due its very simple menu guidance, enabling you to concentrate on the actual work in hand. Consequently, you arrive quicker at the result and with fewer errors. With the help of Batch-plot in the "Publish" function, you can simultaneously save several files in PDF, HPGL, DWG and KON formats, giving a revolutionary time saving.

DICAD Strakon Premium 2017 SP1.1 x64

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