LUSAS Academic: Engineering Analysis and Design Software

LUSAS Academic v15.0.1 [Size: 983 MB] ... LUSAS develops, markets and supports a range of engineering analysis software products all based upon the LUSAS finite element analysis system. LUSAS software products can solve all types of linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, composite and thermal engineering analysis problem, across a range of engineering industries. LUSAS software options for particular LUSAS software products extend the analysis capabilities available for use on applications such as vehicle load optimisation, steel and composite deck design, and rail track-structure interaction analysis. LUSAS case studies show illustrative and interesting uses of LUSAS software on projects and applications around the world. LUSAS, a world-leading developer and supplier of finite element analysis software application for the analysis, design and assessment of all types of structures, has announced the new release of LUSAS version 15.0.1 - This is a major new release. LUSAS software consists of a Windows-based Modeller, used for model building and viewing of results, and a Solver for carrying out an analysis. - Civil & Structural: for civil, structural, nuclear, seismic, geotechnical and offshore engineering. - Bridge : for bridge engineering analysis, design, and assessment. - Analyst: for automotive, aerospace, defence, manufacturing and general engineering analysis. - Composite: for engineers designing composite products or components. For Universities, an Academic version which permits the running of any commercial LUSAS software product can be used for teaching and research use.

LUSAS Academic v15.0.1: Engineering Analysis and Design Software

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