IDEA StatiCa v7: Calculate Yesterday's Estimates

IDEA StatiCa v7.0.14.39851 [Size: 490 MB] ... IDEA RS is developing a new generation of designing and checking programs. Structural engineers and consultants use them to design residential, civil and industrial structures. We deliver a flexible system of programs to enhance output and working comfort of every engineering office.

IDEA StatiCa enables engineers to design every new construction cheaper and safer by: Minimizing risks of structural defectsDecreasing material consumption of construction members/details by up to 30% + Reducing time spent on designing of construction members/details by up to 50% + Providing 100% “white box” results for engineers, general contractors, checkers and construction authorities. IDEA StatiCa has three main parts: IDEA StatiCa Concrete – created for engineers dealing with concrete structures + IDEA StatiCa Prestressing – devoted to bridge and prestressed structures + IDEA StatiCa Steel – focused on steel structures, especially their joints and connections.

IDEA StatiCa v7.0.14.39851: Calculate Yesterday's Estimates

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