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SCAD (Structure CAD) Office v21.1.1.1 [Size: 532 MB] ... SCAD for Windows - is a new-generation system developed by engineers for use of engineers and implemented by a team of experienced programmers. Unified graphics environment for building a design and reviewing its analysis results provides users with unlimited capabilities of modeling structures from simplest to most complicated ones thus answering to needs of experienced professionals and remaining friendly to beginners at the same time. High-performance processing core enables one to solve problems of large dimension (hundreds of thousands freedom degrees) in linear and geometric non-linear formulation. SCAD includes a highly developed library of finite elements for modeling bar, plate, solid and combined structures, modules of stability analysis, building design stress combinations, verifying stressed state of structural elements according to various failure theories, determining forces with which a fragment affects the whole structure, calculating forces and displacement caused by loading combinations. The system also includes routines for selecting reinforcement for ferroconcrete structural elements and for verifying cross-sections of steelwork structural elements. The system is under permanent upgrade and improvement, its user interface and computational capabilities are constantly being improved, new design-oriented components are being added to it.

Computational capabilities: high computation speed + highly developed library of finite elements + efficient methods of optimizing stiffness matrices. Structural modeling: highly developed graphics tools for building and editing the geometry of design diagrams, describing physical and mechanical properties of materials, specifying conditions of support and junction, and specifying loads upon a structure + large set of structural parametric prototypes including frames, trusses, beam grillages, shells, revolution surfaces, surfaces specified by equations + automatic generation of any finite element grid in plane + capability of building complex design models by assembling several different designs + wide range of graphics representation and control tools for all properties of a design diagram + capability of working with a grid of layout (coordination) axes + a developed engine for working with node or element groups + capability of building a design diagram by copying the whole design or its fragments. Results: analysis results can be displayed both in graphics and in table form + the graphics form displays results of displacement analysis as a deformed structure, color or digital indication of displacement values in nodes, or displacement isolines and isofields for plate and solid elements; animation can be performed for vibration modes under dynamic loadings and for the deformation process under static loadings + deformed modes which allow for deflections can be obtained for bar elements, and deflection curves can be viewed for separate elements + stresses in bar elements can be represented as curves in the whole design or in a separate structural element, or via color indication of maximum values of a stress factor selected + forces and stresses in plate or solid elements are displayed as isolines or isofields in a specific range of color scale, with possibility to display simultaneously numerical values in centers and nodes of elements + graphical representation of post-processing results on reinforcement selection for elements of ferroconcrete structures as curves (for bar elements) or isolines/isofields (for plate elements) of reinforcement distribution + analysis results can be localized in a specific range of values of displacement or force factors + analysis results in table form can be exported into the MS Word text processor or MS Excel spreadsheets + table representation of results can be supplied with visual materials selected in the course of creating your design diagram and results review.

Design capabilities: reinforcement selection of cross-sections for structural ferroconcrete elements, both bars and plates, allowing for limit states of 1st and 2nd groups + verification of load-carrying ability and selection of structural steel elements from assortment of rolled steel profiles + the design system COMET using which you can analyze and design joints of structural steel in compliance with various regulation codes (SNiP, Eurocode, SM 66). The system enables you to create a structural concept (with appropriate analysis) of a joint which connects beams to columns, a beam junction or a column end using more than 50 prototypes of most widely used joint concepts + KRISTALL — an application for analyzing structural steel elements in compliance with SNiP — belongs to a new type of software products developed by the group. It is the first of the family of stand-alone applications which are satellites to the SCAD pack and are oriented at accomplishing practical tasks on designing steel, ferroconcrete or wooden structures. This particular application is to verify elements and joints of structural steelwork for compliance with requirements of SNiP II-23-81* "Structural steel. Design regulations". The application operates under Windows Vista/7/8/10 operating environment. User dialog techniques and controls conform to this environment. Data exchange with other programs: SCAD provides data exchange with other programs using universal formats (IFC, CIS/2, DXF, DWG); data formats of Advance Steel (versions 2014, 2015, 2016), ANSYS, STAAD, Abacus, Femap, GMSH, NetGen; plugins for Revit (versions 2013, 2014,2015, 2016), ArchiCAD (versions 16,17,18), Tekla (versions 18 19 20 21).

SCAD (Structure CAD) Office v21.1.1.1 build 24/07/2015

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