Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.3.120 [Size: 2790 MB] ... BIM-ready modeling, analysis and design in one program. SCIA Engineer is an integrated, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of projects. Its wide range of functionality make it usable for all kinds of projects: design office buildings, industrial plants and bridges, all within the same easy-to-use environment. In addition to a state-of-the art modelling, mesh generator and high-performance finite element solver, it features integrated tools to check or optimize the structure to a variety of international and national building codes. SCIA Engineer was also designed from the ground up to perfectly plug into BIM workflows. Simply put, SCIA Engineer goes further than the traditional structural analysis software. Thanks to its intuitive and productive environment and its wide applicability, it will provide you several benefits: Fast and efficient modeling + Advanced analysis + Multi-material design + Coordinated documentation and reporting + Interoperability and collaboration. Integrate your Design Workflow and Reduce your Investments: SCIA Engineer is unique in its integration of modelling, multi-material analysis, design and checking, documentation, and automated drawings in one application. You need to invest and learn just one application and you get an instant access to functionality for all phases of the structural design: modelling in 3D, automatic FEM mesh generation, fast advanced calculations, dedicated design and checks, automated drawings, clear and comprehensive printouts, notwithstanding the interfaces for potential communication with other applications. Streamline the Cooperation within the Design Team through Open BIM: Architect, client, structural engineer, draftsmen, contractor – with SCIA Engineer they all share the project data error-free and effectively thanks to Structural BIM.  SCIA Engineer supports a vast range of open interfaces like IFC, SDNF, MS Excel, XML, VRML, DWG, DXF as well as dedicated links with established CAD (Autodesk Revit or Tekla Structures) and FEM-analysis applications. SCIA is a member of the buildingSMART Alliance and SCIA Engineer is the only structural analysis software that is certified for supporting Open BIM. This enables you to easily leverage models created by others into analysis, and pass back optimized structural models to designers, fabricators, and contractors. Impress your Clients with Professional Documentation: SCIA Engineer is not just a pure “calculation” engine. On the contrary, it accompanies you from the draft design till the production of final documentation including automated general arrangement drawings. Once all the analyses and code checks have been performed, SCIA Engineer offers you intuitive tools for creation of a well arranged, clear and comprehensive document and for generation of general arrangement drawings. Both the document and the drawings are linked to the original 3D model, which means that after any modification to the model, the outputs are automatically updated to reflect the current situation. General features: SCIA Engineer is a single software application that integrates all phases of the design process: modelling, analysis, design and code-checks, drawings, and outputs. Suitable for all types of tasks from simple day-to-day tasks to complex and challenging projects. FEM generation and analysis: Fast and robust finite element solver with an automatic generation of finite element mesh for any geometry. Advanced types of calculation available including construction stages, non-linearity, dynamics, time dependent and sequential analysis. Code design and checks: Comprehensive solution for standard materials: concrete, steel, composite (steel+concrete), aluminum, timber. Combination of multiple materials in one project. Code checks according to numerous international and national civil engineering standards.

Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2015 v15.3.120

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