Autodesk Advance Steel (ex. Graitec)

Autodesk Advance Steel [Size: 1060 MB] ... 3D BIM software for steel modeling and detailing: Advance Steel detailing software helps accelerate design, steel detailing, steel fabrication, and steel construction. Intelligent 3D modeling tools help you accelerate design and detailing processes. Speed time to fabrication and construction with tools that automatically generate shop drawings and deliverables. Autodesk Advance Steel detailing software is built on the AutoCAD platform. Interoperability with Revit and Advance Design Building Information Modeling (BIM) software supports a more connected workflow.

All the tools are designed for fast and efficient modelling, creating a precise BIM model to enable Advance Steel to subsequently generate all project documents (drawings, lists, NC files) from the model.

Advance Steel provides the user with a large library of structural elements and design functions such as: Generic industry components such as Frames, Bracings, Concrete Footings, etc. + Common Profiles and Sections + Various Roof systems + Miscellaneous Steelwork (stairs, railings, ladders, etc., including joints) + Complex folded plates (e.g., conical or twisted) + Welded, tapered and curved beams + Powerful Plate manipulation tools.

Advance Steel comes with a comprehensive library of customizable automatic joints (more than 300 joints), which increase the speed and efficiency of modeling connections.

In addition to the default library, Advance Steel also offers the possibility to create specific custom connections using a wide range of tools:Polygonal cuts on plate and beam (cope, along centreline, polygonal, on the UCS, with an angle) + Placement of bolts, holes and shear studs + Welded connections.

All custom connections, from simple to extremely complex, can be saved, previewed and reused from within the Connection template explorer, and even modified to suit other needs.

Advance Steel offers libraries of customizable automatic joints Advance Steel - the Connection Vault: The enhanced Connection Vault streamlines workflow with the following features: All connections in one place + Create and save favourites + Connection previews of possible combinations + Choose a connection and use it directly from the connection vault!

Advance Steel assigns automatic part marks to the entire model which can also be based on user defined numbering prefix method, starting number and increment. The powerful model checking tools is Advance Steel for element collisions, tool access (buildability), and consistency of element marks (fabrication, delivery and assembly) ensure accuracy and quality are maintained.

Knowledge Engineering: Advance Steel integrates a new adaptive technology that automates and significantly accelerates joint creation. When creating a joint, Advance Steel analyses its environment and recognizes if a similar situation has occurred in the past. The software then suggests the optimal joint in the desired category while taking into account its structural integrity. (*Only available for certain types of joints and standards.).

Autodesk Advance Steel 2017 (ex. Graitec)

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