2S.I. PRO SAP 2016

2S.I. PRO SAP RY 2016 (b) v16.0.0 [Size: 138 MB] ... PRO_SAP is professional structural analysis program: DESIGNS reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, reinforced masonry, timber, XLAM, semi-prefabricated beams, large lightly reinforced walls, FRP reinforcements for masonry and reinforced concrete structures, steel and concrete reinforcement for existing concrete structures. CHECKS existing buildings, insulators, soil-structure interaction, fire resistance. APPLIES Italian regulations, Eurocodes. MANAGES elasto-plastic elements, geometric non-linearity, equilibrium stability, construction phases, pushover analysis, dampers. DRAWS reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures. GENERATES calculation report, geotechnical report, maintenance plans. DETAILS floors, stairs, roofs, elevator cores, masonry hoops. 

Company Info: 2S.I. successfully products and distributes structural and geotechnical software for more than 20 years. Software development, during these years, has been joined by projecting in civil, mechanical and industrial sector which allowed products monitoring and improvement as suggested by the professional use. Software improvement was made by allocating significant resources for development, with particular attention to knowledge evolution in the field of structural analysis and on the other hand to continuous innovation of operating systems and hardware platforms. The potential of the program is increased also thanks to the multiple collaborations with university and qualified organization in the field of seismic engineering such as EUCENTRE and NAFEMS. Our catalog ranges from the most advanced fem programs up to utilities for construction drawings and detail reports calculation, maintenance plans production.

2S.I. PRO SAP RY 2016 (b) v16.0.0, Softwares

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