Bentley RAM Concept

Bentley RAM Concept v06.02.00.014 [Size 468 MB] ... RAM Concept is the ultimate structural designer’s solution for post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced slabs, mats, and rafts. RAM Concept empowers structural engineers to design floor systems much more cost-effectively than with other tools, and with exceptional visibility into the compliance, efficiency, and practicality of the design.

RAM Concept was built with the needs of the practicing structural engineer in mind. Within the advanced feature set the user will find tools that specifically target the most common concerns of designers. Accommodation of complex floor geometries, ease with which changes can be handled, powerful task automation, and concise organization of output are all hallmarks of RAM Concept. Modeling of the structure is done with familiar physical objects, with the option to trace over a CAD background. + Repeated effort can be saved by using intelligent program automation, with options to manually override. + Easily access a wealth of information and results using a well organized, layer-themed interface  + RAM Concept’s exhaustive design considerations include short and long term states, service and strength criteria, punching shear, vibration, and load history deflections. + Integrate RAM Concept models with RAM Structural System or STAAD.Pro to design the full 3D structure. RAM Concept is the ultimate structural engineer’s software tool, enabling more efficient and more reliable slab and foundation design.

Bentley RAM Concept v06.02.00.014

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